Update: EgyptAir has contacted us on Instagram to clarify the situation – Please find detailed update in the bottom of the article. 


Actually, we’ve been shocked with what we’ve seen, and the shock was doubled when we discovered the date of the mistake, it was 5 months ago and no one noticed it from the airlines giant team to remove or correct!

Egypt Air posted a photo on Instagram trying to indicate their NPS “Net promoter score” online, and indeed that wasn’t the problem.

They published the message in both languages English & Arabic, the Arabic sentence was correct, however the English one was totally wrong and even google translate doesn’t make such mistakes so why didn’t they use it?

Translation mistake on Instagram:
egypt air vital mistake

Google translate itself didn’t make the same mistake!

Google translate result

A strategic corporation, represents Egypt and Egyptians:

The above case leads us to a national crisis soon, let’s admit it; Egypt-Air has an unqualified online team, whom are still learning and making mistakes, not only, vital mistake! When it’s time to appeal civilized and professional to the world. 

The airlines company doesn’t represent itself only, it represents Egypt in the most sarcastic environment “online”, if they do not have capabilities to handle their social media presences, please change your brand name to something else but Egypt, or hire a professional agency. 

Update: account on Instagram has sent us a clarification about the situation as below:

Egypt air clarification

In fact, it’s a good step to reply quickly to our article but still the situation is sophisticated because Egypt-Air have 2 Instagram accounts now. 

What we strongly recommend in this situation is to: 

– Remove any unprofessional content
– Create more quality content
– Engage their +1071 followers with activities
and then they will hav
e a great opportunity to be Egypt’s number one brand on Instagram.

We would like to thank them for the quick reply once again, and glad that we’ve been able to make an impact in few hours

  • MohamedHani

    Actually they replied with wrong information, the link to the Instagram account on their we page leads to the egyptair account not flyegyptair one, how would a fan go and update that link? Or is the egyptair site that easy to hack?
    I just replied to the message as well!

  • It’s not like that. They said that they already have an account called @FlyEgyptAir however they wanted it to be @Egyptair but a fan already claimed it before them (that happens on social networks normally, because anyone can)
    They continued that they contacted the fan and been able to settle the situation and get the account to be the official one.

    No hacking in the situation man