Etisalat Mocks Vodafone’s Ramadan TVC

As the telecom war continues in Egypt, Etisalat Misr released their Ramadan TVC, mocking Vodafone Egypt‘s Ramadan family ad.

Etisalat hired the famous genie, who was featured in Vodafone’s prepaid campaign early this year. Etisalat Ad is sending multiple messages: Vodafone’s high budget ad; better things than just a nice song, a better offer for you, and more.

That wasn’t expected from Etisalat after 3 years of average quality ads in Ramadan. People expected something different this year. The ad concept isn’t new as Etisalat introduced a similar one a few years ago, in addition to mobinil this year.

Etisalat Quick Reaction & Smart Tactic 

It is obvious that Etisalat thought & acted fast; in 3 days, Etisalat has been able to think, prepare, and execute their counter attack TVC.

Etisalat didn’t upload the TVC on youtube or any other video platform; they let people upload and create the buzz.

Why Etisalat’s Idea Isn’t Perfect? 

  • Criticizing competitors over high budget TVCs is not a good idea as brands tend to overspend in Ramadan; Etisalat does that too
  • People want to see positive ideas as opposed to negative ones
  • The genie was overused by mobinil & Vodafone
  • Etisalat’s value offer is much less than that of Vodafone

Etisalat Mocks Vodafone TVC 


Let us know what you think of this case. Will Etisalat release something else this Ramadan?

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  1. Let’s be clear and frank, Etisalat has nothing to do this year, they were surprised indeed as none knew the ongoing offer and Adv. Before it was released and this is the point

  2. Totally disagree, etisalat ad is very smart they simply enforced what people and social media have been said during last 3 days, let’s say they wasn’t well prepared with good Ad in this season and then they got some negative reaction from the consumer regarding their main competitor Ad. they defiantly shouldn’t leave this opportunity

    1. That’s another smart one from Etisalat, as they made people create the buzz for them and captured, then uploaded it. it always happen, people tend to download videos from youtube and re-upload it. Etisalat revised the scenario.

  3. Counter attack and/or controversial ads are fun to watch.. Yet, with less marketing power affect.
    Let’s be honest, Egyptian tvc are all turing to “cheap buzz” trying to analytically satisfy the “client” forgetting the Marketing/Brand Message and the true purpose of the ad.

  4. all this arguments about this adv. approved the success of it
    the last 24 hours all ppl talks about this adv, even their opinion are positive or negative , the adv made a furor in the media