Here’s how to get ‘Facebook Marketplace’ icon back

Many users have reported that Facebook Marketplace icon on mobile app has suddenly disappeared while they did not violate policies. That was due to a major glitch in the system, reported many tech news websites.

However, many users contacted us inquiring if there is a way to restore access to Facebook Marketplace after failing to reach a solution through Facebook support community. Since that time and we’re trying to reach out to employees at Facebook who are responsible for the product with no luck. Until today, when we discovered that there’s finally a way to appeal Facebook Marketplace ban.

Submit an appeal via this form and Facebook Marketplace team will reply within 24 hours.

More Facebook Marketplace support forms here.

Marketplace is available to most people 18 and older. You can use Marketplace on iPhone 5 or later, Android and iPad with the Facebook app or on your desktop.

Hope this help restoring access to Marketplace.