Frico Egypt has been accused of plagiarizing the visual for its Mother’s Day greeting, a digital agency have drawn similarities between Frico’s recent Mother’s Day greeting and the work done by the cheese manufacturer Old Amsterdam Egypt.

“We found that Frico Egypt are copy-pasting the same visual in the Mother’s Day greeting post on Facebook page, which we already used five hours earlier” said a digital agency in an e-mail to Digital Boom.

The cheese manufacturer “Frico” published a branded Mother’s Day greeting post on Facebook 4:00 PM CLT, March 21, which Old Amsterdam Egypt claims that the same visual was published five hours earlier.

Frico Egypt VS Old Amsterdam Egypt

Mother's Day visual, Frico-Egypt-VS-Amesterdam-Egypt

Meanwhile, we’ve researched the creative piece and discovered that it’s a paid photography on Shutter-stock – however, that doesn’t spoil the plagiarism claims, because it’s simply the same industry players using the same creative piece on the same occasion, a coincidence?

Frico has yet to respond to this claim.