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mobinil Social Media Team fatal Mistake

It’s good to interact with your fans but you need to do it from all your heart! Mobinil Social Media Team on Facebook shows that they are really “out of zone” by announcing that Barcelona & Atletico Madrid game will be held today the 12th of Jan while it was already held last night the 11th of Jan and it is a tie zero for both teams.

mobinil social media team mistake on Facebook

It took mobinil social media team 15 minutes to recognize and remove the post from Facebook after many negative comments from their fans, however we’ve been able to capture the post & some of the negative comments to share with you on Digital Boom


  • Verify your content before going online
  • Making the same mistake causes missing credibility in the future so people will try to make sure of what you are sharing with them
  • Don’t share unless you’re controlling the scene 100%
  • Watch your post in the first 10 minutes to know people direction and work on fixing any problems before the situation goes out of control
  • Your fans are your friends, so keep that in mind
  • Say “Sorry” when you’re wrong, people will appreciate that than removing things and acting that nothing happened

Now, please be careful with your fans to not lose their trust & love.

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