Arab Bank Brings Apple Pay to Jordan

Arab Bank launched Apple Pay in Jordan last month, becoming the first country in the Levant region to offer the digital payment service. With the rise of e-commerce, Apple Pay is a welcome addition to the market, providing a convenient and secure way for users to make transactions using their Apple devices.

The service has also been released for other banks in Jordan, including Capital bank, Blink, Ahli Bank and bank Bank of Jordan.

How to use Apple Pay?

To use Apple Pay, customers need a compatible Apple device and a registered Arab Bank debit or credit card. They can then add their card to the Wallet app and follow the prompts to complete the setup process. Once set up, they can use Apple Pay to make payments at stores, restaurants, and online retailers.

Apple Pay is a versatile payment method that can be used for various transactions, including contactless payments, in-app purchases, and online purchases. The service is also more secure than traditional payment methods as it uses tokenization to protect users’ payment information.

The launch of Apple Pay in Jordan by Arab Bank is a significant development in the region’s payment landscape, and it is expected to transform the way transactions are made. Potential use cases for Apple Pay in Jordan include contactless payments, paying for rides with ride-hailing apps, and donating to charities through mobile apps.

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