Bey2ollak Launches ‘Stories’ Copying Snapchat

Egypt’s number one traffic service Bey2ollak has added “Stories” to its mobile app following Snapchat, Instagram, WhatsApp, Messenger, and Facebook.

Bey2ollak is the first Middle Eastern startup to adapt the Stories feature.

How to get Bey2ollak Stories?

The company rolled out the new feature to all its users in Egypt, said in a post on Facebook. Just update the Bey2ollak app and start using “Bey2ollak Stories”.

Stories have become a trend after Facebook’s war against Snapchat by cloning Stories and introducing the feature on all its platforms, including Instagram, Messenger, Whatsapp, and finally the mass launch on the core Facebook mobile app.

Bey2ollak was established in 2010, currently has almost a 1.3Million registered users in Cairo and Alexandria, that are fighting traffic jams together on a daily basis. Let’s wait and see how Egyptians will react to this move and who will follow next in the “Stories” trend.

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