Instagram year in review 2015: Top hashtag, liked photos and more

The photo sharing giant Instagram has released 2015’s year in review report. Instagram revealed the most used hashtag, top locations, most liked photos, and top days on the platform throughout the year.
We invite marketers who plan to advertise on Instagram in 2016 to carefully check the following insights taken from Instagram’s year in review 2015 report.

1- 2015’s most used hashtag

#Love, despite all the violence and terrorism hit the world in 2015. That tell you how positive is the Instagram platform.

2- Most liked photos (top 10)

1. Kendall Jenner (Heart hairstyle
2. Taylor Swift (Roses From Kanye)
3. Taylor Swift with Calvin Harris
4. Kylie Jenner Graduation Certificate
5. Beyonce with Blue
6. Taylor Swift with Meredith
7. Selena Gomez’s Selfie
8. Taylor Swift with Meredith
9. Taylor Swift with Meredith
10. Kendall Jenner celebrating 20 M followers

Most Instagrammed locations (top 10)

1. Disneyland
2. Universal Studios
3. Times Square
4. Central Park
5. Eiffel Tower
6. Louvre Museum
7. Dodger Stadium
8. Santa Monica Pier
9. Madison Square Garden
10. Red Square

Most popular days/events (top 10)

1. January 1, New Year’s eve
2. February 14, Valentine’s Day
3. April 5, Easter
4. May 10, Mother’s Day
5. May 2, May weather vs Manny Pacquiao
6. October 31, Halloween
7. April 4, Lunar Eclipse
8. January 24, start of #superstormjuno
9. February 1, Superbowl Sunday
10. January 2 (New Year’s #latergrams)

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