NRJ FM Makes Its Maiden Debut in Cairo, Egypt


After months of preparation; NRJ Egypt finally launched at a star-studded event.

The new radio station, NRJ Egypt will mostly cater to the listening needs of the youth.

April 3, 2017 – Cairo: NRJ FM officially set root in Cairo, Egypt on the night of April 2, 2017.

The event, hosted by the Nile Ritz Hotel, was as star-studded as they come. The celebrities present who accepted invitations came from every one of the entertainment industries – including actors and actresses, musical geniuses, singers, superstars, radio presenters, and social media influencers.

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Present at the launch of NRJ Egypt were actresses Laila Elwy, Nabila Ebaid musician Khaled Selim, actors like Khaled Abo Elnaga and Sherif Mounir, Hany Ramzy, and – finally and most importantly musician Carol Samaha, who is Dr. Waleed Mostafa’s wife.

NRJ Egypt in pictures

The opening ceremony was kicked off with a short speech by Dr. Waleed Mostafa, Director of Radio NRJ Egypt, he mentioned that “The radio station hopes to introduce fresh and new music releases in both English and Arabic – hopefully before any other outfit in the entire Middle East. More particularly, NRJ will be known for its musical diversity and exclusivity. To achieve all of these, it will target young people between the ages of 13 and 39.”

During the opening ceremony, Aida Soudi, Managing Director said that “NRJ will offer 22 programs in Egypt – each tailored to a different facet of the youth, their interests and preferences, their diverse lifestyles, and their unique outlook on life”.

Soudi also mentioned that “The first of its kind in Egypt, NRJ will host radio shows live with in-studio audience. In the process, the station hopes to attract a youthful and vibrant audience with its interactive and entertaining programming schedule.”

Part of Aida Soudi’s Speech

The opening was set in motion by Egypt’s rising star Natalie Saba with a couple of her most recent songs, which are accessible on our Facebook page. Other performing acts included the Young Pharaohs band and The5, a sensational Algerian band.

Speaking during the event, Aida Soudi Managing Director of the NRJ group said that “NRJ would strive to provide an original program – bringing together all the favorite hits and audio entertainment that young Egyptians have been yearning for. Soudi also mentioned that “NRJ would provide listeners with the unique and diverse musical programs they need to be hearing on a daily basis.”

A fortnight before the opening ceremony, the yet-to-be-debuted radio station started a teaser campaign where participants were asked to identify the cat in the NRJ logo – no one, and not unexpectedly, got the right answer.

In the same line, Richard Mazaret, CEO of the NRJ Group said, “NRJ is already considered to rank among the most compelling and entertaining of all media providers around the globe.” Further, he mentioned that the new NRJ FM in Egypt would strive to cut across the divide by catering to a larger – albeit young – audience. “All of this will be part and parcel of the Group’s ambitious plan to tailor the NRJ offering within the Afro-Middle Eastern context,” he continued.

NRJ is a visible group targeted at meeting the needs, requirements, and preferences of young people around the world. Where excellence comes to play, the group goes over and above expectation particularly with regards to its use of media. The station is currently broadcasting in 24 countries including Germany, Austria, Canada, Denmark, Greece, Guadeloupe, Morocco Lebanon, and Russia as well as many other European and French speaking countries around the world.

The Egyptian market has great potential for expanding into, which was one of the reasons why the ground decided to launch NRJ FM in Egypt.

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