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YouTube Terminates Al Nahar TV Channel

YouTube took down Al Nahar TV channel over alleged copyright violations, the world’s biggest online video platform said.
“Al Nahar TV has been terminated because we received multiple third-party claims of copyright infringement regarding material the user posted.” Youtube said.

The Too Many Copyrights Breaks

Karim AlBawab, an Egyptian photographer and blogger, found one of his photos used in studio background of Reham Saeed’s show. On the spot, Karim reported the copyright infringement to YouTube which took down Al Nahar the following day. So it is not the first time for Al Nahar to break others’ copyrights, because youtube doesn’t terminate channels because of 1 single valid claim.
Mariam Ehab, The Charming Egyptian Kid – By Karim Al Bawab
Screenshot: Sabaya El Kheir, Al Nahar TV

Status of Al Nahar TV Channel on Youtube 

According to Youtube and other social networks, terminated accounts/channels can’t be restored. Al Nahar will have to create a new channel on youtube.

How to Avoid Termination on Social Media?

  • Create your own brand library of photos and footage
  • Don’t use others’ work without taking their permission
  • Always give photo credit; people exert a lot of effort in creating their visuals, the least you can do is take their permission and give them credit.

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