Egyptian pop-star Sherine Abdel-Wahab posted two tearful photos on social media, asking for her fans’ support and that she doesn’t feel safe – Few hours later and after hundreds of criticism comments and tweets, Sherine removed the posts, with no explanation to fans why they were posted.

Social media influencers

Egyptian comedian Hesham Mansour on Facebook said that he was going to mock Sherine for her tearful photos but he stopped for a moment and said to himself that it might be a real difficult situation, and she needed support from anyone. He explained in a comedian way what could be Sherine’s situation that brought her to post her tearful photos to millions on the internet and ask for their help, he wondered, how can helpless people on the internet help Sherine? He continued that it seems that Sherine is under a huge pressure. We love you Sherine.

كنت عايز أتريق فشخ، بس وقفت كده ثانية ولقيت إن ده حاجة كبيرة فشخ، في شخص بينهار علي الإنترنت، وشخص مهم يعني مش مش عويل،…

Posted by Hesham Mansour on Friday, September 25, 2015

Voka said “What have we done to see awful photos?

Eslam said “So Shrine was crying and taking selfies as well, awesome!”

Sherine took social media and expressing feeling to a whole new level 😂😂

Posted by Mirna El Helbawi on Friday, September 25, 2015

Will Sherine keep losing face online? Most celebrities allover the world tend to hire PR and Social Media people to take care of their brands offline/online. Because every single post matters, it can strength your position/image or destroy you at some point.