Sprite Egypt Salutes Salah & Pepsi Replies

Mohamed Salah scored the 6th goal for Chelsea in London’s derby match against Arsenal, gunners weren’t in their best, and as usual the gunners side isn’t ok in the end of the season, but this time they

Chelsea FC – Salah

didn’t lose just the trophy but their dignity in an one-side game against their biggest enemy “The Blues” Chelsea.

The happy story here that the Egyptian player Mohamed Salah who rocked Chelsea on social media for just a transfer Jan 2014, today and after 2 months, he has became Egypt‘s number one winning topic as well for all, newspapers, blogs, and even brands.

Pepsi & Sprite War Over Salah ‘s Goal Against Arsenal

Soft war has been launched over Mohamed Salah’s popularity as Sprite Egypt (which belongs to Coca Cola) rides the wave and salutes Mohamed Salah on his goal, So Pepsi replied as the godfather of Mohamed.

Sprite Egypt Salates The Egyptian Player


Pepsi “who sponsors Mohamed” replied

The ultimate winner “Chelsea”

Chelsea knew it from the beginning, they got prepared quickly and very well, Chelsea knew that Mohamed  isn’t a normal football player, he will bring millions of Egyptian fans to the London club online, so that Chelsea made their mind fast and hired an Egyptian agency whom is currently managing the global Facebook page in Arabic.

March 2014, Chelsea has 1.3 million Egyptians likes, FYI, Egypt comes third after Indonesia and India in terms of number of fans on Facebook

Share you thoughts with us, do you think that MSalah topic is going to decline by time or grow much more?