‘Startups Galaxy’ Vows to Reach 500 Egyptian Startups

Startups Galaxy is currently on a journey of “Road to 500 Startups” and we think this is a great chance for all entrepreneurs out there to join the first startups’ directory in Egypt

Startups Galaxy is a platform promoting the discovery of startups in Egypt across more than 10 different categories. Their aim is to encourage the usage of startups by providing a free startups directory and enjoyable content. The directory has more than 190 startups registered and it rapidly adding more startups.

Now, they are want to have 500 startups in Egypt on their directory as part of their #Roadto500Startups campaign. The initiative aims to centralize startups under one directory and make sure this is delivered in a simple and easy way. This is to make the entrepreneurial sector in Egypt much more clearer for new users, future entrepreneurs, and existing startups that can’t capture exposure.

How to take part in #RoadTo500Startups?

If you have a startup, submit your startup by filling their form for free. They are currently accepting startups in the following categories:  Shopping, Food & Ordering, Transportation, Home Services, Media & Design, Travel, Entertainment,  Business Services, Community, Career or Money Things.

And they can also be under these exclusive new categories: Tech, Health, or Social Enterprise.

Startups on the site can create their profile for free. Startups Galaxy provides possible upgrades as well, so they can get more visibility on the website too, and get hundreds of views.

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