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Managing crisis on social media in three simple steps

It takes one person to ruin your brand and a crisis management team to regain it!As smartphone users jump to an estimated 2 billion...
ocean blue hotel, sahel, egypt, north coast

Ocean Blue, A Brand Attack Gone Wrong?

As a social media instructor, one of things that always grab my attention is brand attacks. Analysis and learnings from a brand attack is...
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Social media storm over the Egyptian pound’s crisis

Egyptian Pound reached a new low against dollar on the black market today, to hit EGP 13 per dollar, as talks about devaluation rise.Official dollar exchange rate remained at EGP...

Etisalat Deletes Sexist Tweet After Social Media Outrage

The giant telecom operator Etisalat Egypt account was called out by several social media users for a sexist tweet mocking girls by saying "guys...
Sherine's tearful photos backfire on social media

Sherine’s tearful photos backfire on social media

 Egyptian pop-star Sherine Abdel-Wahab posted two tearful photos on social media, asking for her fans' support and that she doesn't feel safe – Few hours later...
SM crisis, social media marketing, social media crisis

19 Important Steps to Manage Social Media Crisis

In the past few years, social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube have caught the attention of brands, small business & governments...

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