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Emirates airline responds to United Express with a video

United Express Fails and Emirates Airline Strikes Back

It all started Sunday on a united Express Flight 3411 when a 69 old doctor David Dao has been forcibly Dragged out of the flight, what has been referred to as a “disruptive and belligerent”...
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Emirates Airline pledges to entertain passengers despite US electronics ban

Emirates Airline released a refurbished version of their Jennifer Aniston's TV advert showing off their 2500 channels of entertainment while wondering "Who needs tablets and laptops anyway?" in response to the recent ban on...
Independent Enthusiasts for Gun Control: Every 27th

Independent Enthusiasts for Gun Control: Every 27th

Visitors of webrifle.org can control a robotized rifle with a touchpad and “shoot” real people with a tap on a space button in real-time online. The campaign aims to raise awareness about Gun Control in the US Everyone talks about...

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