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United Express Fails and Emirates Airline Strikes Back

It all started Sunday on a united Express Flight 3411 when a 69 old doctor David Dao has been forcibly Dragged out of the flight, what has been referred to as a “disruptive and belligerent” as far as CEO Oscar Munoz statement who became United CEO in September 2015.

Apparently this was not the first from Munoz who seems to have been doing a great job trash talking 2nd of March at the US Chamber of Commerce Aviation Summit in Washington DC reportedly saying “Those airlines aren’t airlines. They’re international branding vehicles for their countries” addressing Qatar Airways and Emirates Airline and it seems that the late team has been working on comeback video sending a message to Munoz:

We’re Now the Friendly Skies”

Both incidents have encouraged some enthusiasts to join:

Royal Jordanian

Turkish Airlines

Will this impact United negatively as it should be or as some say “there isn’t such as good publicity and bad publicity there’s just publicity) would be proved right this is what coming weeks should reveal.

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