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Going viral - is it luck or is it planning?

Going viral – is it luck or is it planning?

Back in 1975, viral videos weren’t a thing. Or perhaps they sort of were, but they didn’t have a name. Why 1975? This was...
McDonald's Egypt Misspellings, mcdonald's Egypt Ezbet Khairallah, McDonald's Misspellings Spark Viral Campaign

McDonald’s Egypt Misspellings Spark Viral Campaign

Egyptians mocked McDonald's on social media platforms over misspelled Arabic words seen on donation boxes for Ezbet Khairallah's education development project. The fast food giant...
cook door viral marketing, cook door social media viral campaign

What We Can Learn About Proactive Marketing From Cook Door’s Viral Moment of 2017

Cook Door, the Egyptian fast food chain, probably made this year's most memorable feel -good moment on social media. And it all started with one...
Evolution of Arabic Music

Evolution of Arabic Music in a 6-minute YouTube Video

Surpassing 2.7M views in three weeks, Evolution of Arabic Music music video has taken YouTube by storm in the Middle East and North Africa. Featuring 42...

What makes branded content go viral?

Producing content that goes viral and creates waves of buzz on social media is every marketer’s dream. Everyday countless blog posts, infographics, videos, memes...

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