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Egypt’s first programming competition, wuzzuf

WUZZUF crowns winners of Egypt’s first programming competition

15 winners were crowned at Egypt’s first programming competition "A2OJ’s Code Battle", organized by on Saturday, Oct 28 at the Golden Tulip Flamenco Hotel...
Mashable social media day Egypt, social media day egypt 2017

Egypt to host the 4th Mashable Social Media Day

The 4th Annual Mashable Social Media Day, will take place from 8th to 10th of July in the Greek Campus, Cairo. Digital media professionals, social media...
Wuzzuf hosts bassem el-hady, kanabet Wuzzuf, KanabetWuzzuf

Wuzzuf Hosts Egypt’s Business Thought-leaders Live on Social Media

Wuzzuf, Egypt’s first job site, announced yesterday the launch of its first activation on social media: Kanabet Wuzzuf "Wuzzuf Lounge" – a bi-weekly Live Q&A show on...
Egypt's Employment News Bulletin (Feb 5 - 9)

Egypt’s Employment News Bulletin (Feb 5 – 9)

Each week Digital Boom posts available positions within the marketing and advertising industry in collaboration with Email with the details of your vacancies by 5.00pm...

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