Vodafone Egypt Brings Generations Together, Unlocks 4G Power

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With Egypt’s popular celebrities passing on experience to their rising younger peers, Vodafone Egypt launched its 4G service today showing how power can transmit from one generation to the other.

Vodafone Egypt’s 4G campaign appeared first on Instagram as influencers flooded the social network on Sunday night with anonymous campaign photos of young rising stars with their idol’s graffiti in the background.

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Power Transcends from 3G to 4G

The video was revealed today starring eight celebrities in the fields of cinema and sports. Actress Nelly Kareem appeared showing Jamila Awad how to perform one of her famous movie dances, while veteran footballer Mohamed Abu Traika helped the talented Ramadan Sobhy master the game. Actor Ahmed Elsaka was also featured supporting Asser Yaseen, and Squash champion Amr Shabana appeared coaching Ramy Ashour.

As the strongest 3G network in Egypt according to report issued by the NTRA, Vodafone 4G is empowered by it’s preceding 3G network just like the celebrity stars.

Growing Campaign Success

The ad video racked up 400K views on Facebook in less than 10 hours. The advert has also generated more than 20K shares and 31K likes and comments on Facebook – On Twitter, the campaign hashtag is currently trending in Egypt.

Social media followers interacted positively with the campaign.

Inspirational Stories

Vodafone Egypt’s campaign succeeded in showcasing some of Egypt’s most enthusing success stories. The celebrity actors and sports players who appeared on the ad are role models and respectable figures for many Egyptians, adding credibility to Vodafone’s promise of a powerful 4G network.

(Reporting by Yasmine Madkour; Editing by Sara El-Khalili)