6 Interesting Insights from the Egyptian Publishing Industry – March 2016

Numbers never lie, So we talk numbers.

The digital media industry pays great attention to “Data” every day, one of the important areas digital marketeers focus on is “Online Publishing/News/Media”, where they sell to our consumers the useful Content and the amazing User Experience, Nothing else. Yes, but inside these two simple bold words there are a lot of challenges such as Talents, Offices, Technologies, Investment, and the list goes on.

Each month digital marketeers look to statistics, insights and KPIs to realize their situation and plan strategies and tactics accordingly.

Now, here is a list of six important insights for the top players in the Egyptian Publishing industry – March 2016

1. Korabia recorded more ‘Unique Browsers’ (UBs) than Youm7

Korabia recorded 10.4M UBs comparing to 8.3M UBs only by Youm7, so what does that mean? Let’s check the following two stats:

  • Visits: Youm7 recorded 56M while Korabia recorded 14M only (4x)
  • Pageviews: Youm7 recorded 208M while Korabia 48M only (4x)

This leads to an important question about Korabia’s UBs behavior.

Korabia SPOC reached out for a comment, he explained that their marketing strategy is to increase reachability to new users first then they will pay attention to user retention on second phase; They see that sports websites nature is different than News ones, as News has more “Visits Frequency” more than sports.

2. Akhbarak booked the second place in the News Industry

A new top player in the News category, comes second right after Youm7 in terms of pageviews, UBs, and visits.

AlMasry Alyoum dropped third with 2.2M UBs and 9M visits.

3. OLX recorded more Page-Views (PVs) than Youm7

It’s worth mentioning regardless the different categories that OLX recorded 242M pageviews while Youm7 recorded 208M only. This trend started last July 2015.

Youm7 PVs is declining while the trend of OLX PVs is growing

4. Akhbarak won the mobile battle

Unlike I could not track Youm7 on Effective Measure for Mobile insights, won the mobile battle in the News Industry and ranked First in UBs, Avg. Daily UBs, Visits, PVs, Average Page Duration (APD), Average Visit Duration (AVD).

5. Contact Cars tops automotive websites

Contactcars is still reserving the First Place in the Automotive Category in UBs, Visits and PVs.

with 2.25x more than the Nilemotors in Visits and 3.6x more PVs than it.

6. Shahid is declining in KSA and growing in Egypt

In Unique Browsers; Egyptians are more likely to visit than Saudis during March 2016, and compared to the last two years.

This change has been happening during the last nine months; Shahid’s UBs metric is declining in KSA and growing in Egypt. Now; there are more than 1.4M UBs from Egypt while 1.24M from KSA on

Data source: Effective measure

This article appeared first on Mohamed Omar’s Linkedin

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