A Message To Humanity: Treat Refugees Like Animals

The Association for the Rights of Immigrants and Refugees in Tunisia “ADIRT” in collaboration with the media agency Memac Ogilvy Label launched a new online campaign called “Like Animals” in order to send a message to all humans across the globe to remind them with the importance of our shared human values and to reawaken the consciences.
The initiative comes in response to the unstoppable surge of immigrants’ waves from the Middle East and Africa and given the scope of this impending humanitarian disaster we’ve been witnessing for the past two years.
“Every year, more than 10,000 human beings die trying to escape from war, famine and diseases.” The ad declared.
The ad concept is based on how animals and human beings have the same reasons to immigrate which is “survival”. However, people treat the seasonal migratory animals in compassion and mercy till they go back home, while unfortunately, when human beings refugees arrive to what they imagine is a more hospitable land, they are sometimes not well received by their sedentary counterparts.
So “Even though they are human beings, don’t beat them. Please treat them like animals.” The ad said


Client: The Association for the Rights of Immigrants and Refugees in Tunisia “ADIRT”
Advertising Agency: Memac Ogilvy Label, Tunisia
Managing Director: Syrine Cherif
Planning Director: Sofiene El Kebir
Art Director: Amin Khelil
Copywriter: Mehdi AlMonastiri
Digital Planner: Mustapha Boussabat
PR Account Managers: Nayla Sakkal, Imen Zarrouk, Jihed Jmili
Published: November 2015
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