Baraka Water features Nour El-Sherbiny in its inspiring ‘keep going’ campaign

baraka water, Nour El Sherbiny, Squash, Egypt, Baraka Water features Nour El-Sherbiny in its inspiring 'keep on' campaign
Photo: Facebook

Baraka Water launched a new digital video that shows that great things can be achieved with persistence. The three-minute video portrayed the victory moment for Nour El Sherbiny during the world championship for Squash.

The story of the video tells how the 20 year old Nour achieved her dream and faced all obstacles during the final match, however putting all obstacles aside, she still persisted and kept going until she accomplished her dream and won the title of the first and youngest Egyptian female world champion in squash.

Baraka Water’s release of this video along with Karim El-Zoghby’s video proves that the real message is to keep going because both videos portray how persistence leads to achievement and this is what is needed in Egypt nowadays; young Egyptians should be encouraged to pursue their path no matter how hard and far away it seems.


Brand: Baraka Water
Creative Agency: Breakthrough
Media Agency: Zenith

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