Careem’s Agmad Captains Fi El Sahel vs Uber’s 3ala Fein Ya Negm

In recent years, Egypt’s growing population has rejoiced time and again over the spread of alternative modes of transport, rather than the classic white taxi whose meter may or may not be running. Although problems may have risen in comparing the services of these alternative modes, to those of the taxis that have already been roaming the streets of Cairo, what is more noteworthy would be comparing how these alternative modes themselves compete with each other. To narrow things down, we will specifically be focusing on Careem’s latest campaign, opposing the very similarly executed, Uber’s.

Careem ‘Agmad Captains Fel Sahel’

To put it briefly, Careem’s latest campaign Agmad Captains Fel Sahel (Best Captains in the North Coast), brings three relatively well-known “digital influencers” together to drive young customers around the North Coast, these influencers are Cairokee drummer Tamer Hashem, viral video guru Marwan Younes, and rapper Zap Tharwat who have by now proved ability to deliver a solid experience engaging with the customers.

What stands out the most out of the series of videos that Careem recently released, is how they play on the idea of the relationship between the captain and the customer. The campaign revolves around how Careem captains are more than simply “drivers”, and those behind the campaign cleverly hit on that point by using Hashem, Younes, and Tharwat. All of whom relate to audiences on much more of a personal level.

The level and type of interaction between the captains and the customers displayed throughout the series (from playing fun little trivia, to having mini rap battles), were refreshingly natural and conveyed a truthful depiction of the experience customers actually gain out of their rides. And just to point out. These videos never failed to put a smile on one’s face.

Uber’s ‘3ala Feen Ya Negm’

Although we find Careem’s campaign to be cleverly planned out and thoroughly entertaining, we must say that Uber has delivered a similarly entertaining campaign that stands out in its own right. However, we find it necessary, in such cases, to pick on certain details that cause one competitor to outshine the other. Uber’s take on their campaign “3ala Feen Ya Negm” (Where to, Mr. Superstar?) had its own edge. Bringing to their screens two of the most prominent public figures in our modern day life, superstar actress Mona Zaki joined by renowned artist Mahmoud el Esseily on two separate episodes.

Surprisingly, the use of such high profile individuals did not fully serve the objective of conveying the actual relationship between both driver and customer.

We think the element that prevails behind Uber’s campaign drag is the mere fact that the social gap between top-notch celebrities and the middle-class was clearly apparent, as there were no common grounds on most topics that were bouncing off in both episodes – Interests, perspectives and all-round reactions could not have been more off-beat.

The fact that Careem was able to so effortlessly connect to their audience on such an engaging level without going overboard when it comes to budgets and the like, is deserving of praise and definitely pushes them ahead of their game.

When it comes to digital marketing and social media these days, it has constantly been brought to light that the most effective way of engaging with audiences, is through heartfelt storytelling.

Brands want to tell their audience a story, one which they can find comfort in and which they can share with others – Stories that tie the digital world, with our everyday world,  bringing human aspects of everyday life on the table. Careem seamlessly adopted this concept, carrying out roaring success this summer.