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Case Study: Juhayna Cheering for Egyptian Mothers

Drawing a smile on viewers’ faces, Juhayna ’s television advertising campaign was able to capture life’s best and most cherished moments.

The Television Copy (TVC) succeeded in portraying the phases mothers go through, emphasizing their endurance and sacrifices in the journey of life – from infanthood to adulthood.

The TVC shows mothers striving to make their families happy, successful and healthy. “Motherhood is not easy. But it is worth it,” Juhayna emphasizes in its TVC slogan.

Disseminating a meaningful and positive message, Juhayna’s smart approach cheers for the endless efforts exerted over the years by mothers. The TVC encourages moms to keep going, cultivating a sense of gratitude for mothers’ unconditional love, giving and generosity.

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 Successful launch on Facebook

The campaign marked the launch of Juhayna Dairy’s Facebook page in May 2014 – a brilliant approach to establish a strong start on social media.

Juhayna branded all its social media posts with the cheering for motherhood theme using the hashtag ‫#‏شجع_ماما, which encouraged gratitude and offered useful and inspirational tips for mothers themselves.

Although Juhayna Dairy earned +450K fans on Facebook and a decent number of interactions, it still hasn’t reached everyone. The company could have increased interactions with at least 1000% if the right broad social media plan had been implemented.

Lost Opportunities on Twitter & Instagram

Social Media isn’t limited to Facebook and YouTube. There are so many platforms to generate buzz around a brand. Twitter, for example, mentioned the brilliant Juhayna Dairy TVC using the hashtag #شجع_ماما. But unfortunately, Juhayna Dairy isn’t active on twitter to set the stream on fire. There is a lot of potential on Instagram too.

Instagram, Vine & Keek are also potential platforms. People could be asked to share their precious moments with their mothers — Instagram photos, & short vines & keeks — to activate the brand’s campaign on different platforms.

Juhayna needs to adopt a deeper digital media strategy to seize future opportunities.  A look at the company’s official website shows how difficult it to relate the website to any of Juhayna’s advertising efforts. Nothing could be found on current or past campaigns, which is considered a waste. The primary objective of being on social media is to drive leads to your website and build a stronger relation with your audience. Juhayna developed a successful campaign but it needs to develop the company’s website to be able to go beyond B2B and reach out to B2C.