Creative or Scary?

Virally spread on social networks in Egypt a photo of Eric Moung the performer – Soul Division, people called it “Creative or scary”, hence we’re trying to figure out with you now!

People find it a creative & yes it is, but we wanted to give more credit to the owners that’s why we searched for more details about the photo.

After searching for the source, we found out that it belongs to Soul Division Studios, and this is how they position their performers & artists in a such creative way.

About The Guy ‘Eric Moung’

In 1996 Eric Moung was seduced by house music to create his first group High Voltage. Productions of artists such as Lil Louis, Masters At Work or Blaze soon become his references.

But it was not before 1999 that music and singing take their particular importance in creating original music for advertising agencies and fashion (his second passion), in which he will be involved for several years.

His encounter with Soul-Division will be decisive. Since their first collaboration on the single “Before”, Eric Moung became the voice of Soul-Division, mixing his influences from soul, pop, and house for the most original sets. Let’s talk about the future !

About The Creative House ‘SOUL DIVISION’

SOUL DIVISION is a collective of djs, producers and performers from different musical backgrounds, united by a same 360 vision of music. served by an unfettered creativity as well as by years of lives and studio sessions together,  these high-calibre artists provide great deep-house and tech-house live performances.

More creative/scary photos by Soul Division

Digital Boom scary or creative

Let us know what do you think, is it really creative or scary to see double faces in one photo? And how creative are Soul Division?