Egyptian TV presenter ‘Yasmin Ezz’ stirs controversy on social media

TV presenter Yasmin Ezz has sparked controversy on social media because of her comment on Friday, Feb 18, in light of Ismailia bride who was beaten on her wedding day, the accident that swept public opinion.

Many demanded suspending the anchor as she accepts violence against women and tries to become controversial to gain more viewership to her TV show.

A bride who her groom beat on the wedding day has been the trend of the week, at the same night and after it became a viral topic in Egypt, another video was recorded by the groom and streamed on social media showing the couples who pretend to be happy accompanied by their male relatives eating a meal of pigeons, as there’s no harm feelings between the newlyweds.

Ezz said on her TV show, “a man is a nervous creature by his nature, and a woman must absorb his anger, a man is a god gift to a woman she should love him and cherish him” she resumes commenting on the bride’s reaction toward her groom act ” this woman is a good well-raised woman that absorbed her man anger, it’s unnatural that she will destroy a love story lasted 13 years for one single act that people don’t have any details about it, and it’s good that she forgave him “.

The groom said to Youm7 Egyptian news website that beating women is considered an acceptable thing to do in their culture and lifestyle, and it’s ok if he hits his wife because she’s his cousin and life partner.

Social media reacted fast, some posted on Facebook in response to her comment, ” Violence is not supposed to be the subject of differing views and opinions; it’s a premeditated assault, I feel it is the opinion of an ignorant person.”

Ezz’s statement was deleted from MBC Egypt platforms in an attempt by the channel to cover up the subject. Still, it was exposed, the day she made her statement the trend No 1 in Egypt was  #اوقفو_ياسمين_عز which translates to Stop Yasmin Ezz.

SpeakUp was the platform that created that hashtag, posting “Yasmin is not only encouraging violence, she even thinks that the victim should be silent and bear it, but this kind of statement also should not appear on TV, there are no views on violence, celebrities supported that hashtag such as Mayan Elsayed, Abbas Abu El Hassan.

A woman of Egypt FaceBook page posted that Ezz advocated violence against women, and they demanded that she be boycotted and investigated. National Council for Women stated that they refused Ezz’s statement and thought it was inappropriate.

After many people demanded that Ezz should be investigated, they thought that the Ministry of Information would take action against Ezz. Still, as a matter of fact, they didn’t do anything until now.

Celebrities’ reactions on social media

TV presenter Moufida Shiha was sympathetic to the bride and took a stand against the groom, saying, ” It is obvious that a groom is a violent person regardless that he’s pretending by hugging her (in the video) that he’s good to her.”

Actor Aser Yassin Tweeted, ” My Grandfather used to say: do you know what’s the difference between a real man and the unreal one? A real man is the one who lets his wife walks a step ahead of him and treat her like a queen; the unreal man is the one who leaves his wife a step behind him, treating her like an animal and hitting her”.

Actress Sumia Al Khashab tweeted, ” Any savage and ignorant man should know that his respect for the female is coming from his respect for himself; otherwise he should go to live with the animals and apply the law of the jungle, in that case, we should wave goodbye to manhood and humanity.”

Actor Sabri Fawaz Posted, ” If a man kissed his wife on the street, it would be a scandal, and they might be bullied and beaten Because society considers this to be an indecent act. If a man hits his wife in the street, Society will not interfere Rather; they will say(let him discipline her)”.

Actress Nashwa Mustafa posted on Facebook, ” well-raised men teach their kids that a real man never hurt a woman. ”

TV presenter Radwa Al Sherbieny tweeted In response to the groom’s words that beating women is normal “Its a regular act for animals living in a barn, otherwise, you and any man that hurts a woman should be disciplined, all the Egyptians: city people, countryside people, have dignity but you don’t have any, we have a law in this country against like you. ”

Yasmin Ezz apologizes

The next day and after the public reaction on social media, Yasmin apologized on-air, she said that her words didn’t mean accepting or encouraging violence against women, but she was trying to not set fire on the new couple’s relationship.

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