BentB100 features inspirational stories of super Egyptian women

A single mother of five hits the street daily to wipe pedestrians’ shoes for an income that helped her raise an engineer, a nurse, a tourism professional, an economist, and a high school student while resuming her own college education.

Umm Hassan’s success story is part of “BentB100 (A girl is worth 100 persons) series of true women stories produced by, one of the top news aggregators in the MENA region, in partnership with Itfarrag and Entreprenelle.

The campaign aims at empowering Egyptian women to overcome societal barriers, break stereotypes and think of creative ways to succeed in a male-dominated society. 

The production team met with 15 women from all walks of life, showcasing “struggle, success, and inspiration” in all stories.

BentB100 receives 1M views in the first week.

The BentB100 campaign has received more than 1M unique views and reached more than 3M women on Facebook in less than one week.

Trending on Twitter in Egypt

The campaign also went viral on Twitter to be of Egypt’s top trending topics.
بنت ب100

Have an inspiring woman story to tell? Share it with BentB100 on their website before their campaign ends on Feb. 15, 2016.

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