UserTalk Boosts Online Customer Service

“All our agents are busy now, but your call is really important to us so please stay on line.” Tired of this message?
Massively improving customer service interactions, UserTalk is a technology that enables users to call customer service from a browser directly, or record and send voice messages instead of waiting for call center agents to take their calls.
The software also provides companies with a tool to monitor the performance of their customer service representatives through the same recording mechanism.
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How UserTalk Started?

Egyptian Computer Engineer Ahmed Fathalla developed the idea behind UserTalk 18 months ago in collaboration with Gyrolabs. After earning his Master of Science degree in computing in 2010 from the American University in Cairo and working for several well-known software companies such as IBM, Fathalla began tilting his knowledge and expertise towards creating something from scratch, rather than climbing the corporate ladder.

Developed as a push-to-talk app, UserTalk had to challenge the widely held assumption that this market was seemingly saturated. Fathalla came up with an innovative idea to fully establish an online call center, with features that go beyond any of the already available centers.

UserTalk now competes on an international level with more advanced qualities. UserTalk became an easy-to-access button on any company’s website or Facebook page, allowing customers to effortlessly call the company or even leave a voice message.

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