Hello Happiness A debatable Initiative

On 7th of May, Coca Cola in Dubai launched a new initiative campaign called “Hello Happiness“. The campaign highlights a true story from the gulf region about how inhumanly South Asian laborers are being treated and get paid in the gulf region. Coca-Cola highlighted how nobel those laborers are, and how they are sacrificing their lives for a better future for their children & families.

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Coca-Cola took it from there, those laborers have a human need “Call their families, but can’t afford because of the low wages and high cost per minute”.

Call Verses Wages in Dubai
Cost per minute Verses Wages in Dubai

Hello Happiness Booth

Hence, Coca Cola decided to make them happy and initiated the “Hello Happiness” booth, smartly turned the Coca Cola bottle caps into currency to be used as a currency to call their families with Coca Cola.

Hello happiness booth
Hello happiness booth

The call costs $0.9 per min. and those Asian laborers average wages per day $6.

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The Debate – What Have People Said About Coca Cola Initiative Online?

We’ve scanned the web for real feedback about the initiative in Dubai, Please find below summary for what’s being said about the initiative:

Hello happiness, sentiment, coca cola, dubai
Sentiment Analysis – Hello Happiness by Coca Cola Dubai
  • 45% like the initiative, describing it as “Perfect idea, wow, amazing, and more pro-adjectives, however they didn’t explain why they like the initiative
  • 55% who dislike the initiative have a lot to say about slavery, poverty, bad marketing, Coca Cola real intention is to increase sales, Coca Cola is destroying poor people’s health by misusing them for marketing? A Coca Cola bottle costs $0.5 while $0.9 per min., so you’re not helping, you’re increasing sales, and more from people to be displayed next, please continue reading…

Coca-Cola Hello Happiness – Verbatim/YouTube:

Hello happiness
Debate on YouTube

Coca-Cola “Hello Happiness” has opened a room for negativity /Facebook:

As mentioned in the sentiment analysis, the initiative has raised debate online, Coca Cola CSR & Brand people didn’t make their homework by analyzing MENA behaviors in such area of marketing, using the empathy style has proved its failure in the MENA region and maybe worldwide as well.

Most of negativity came from Facebook, in a post by MENA Tech on Facebook, People expressed their dissatisfaction and anger toward Coca Cola’s latest marketing campaign “Hello Happiness”, check out:

Negative Verbatim, coca-cola, hello happiness
Negative Verbatim


Negative Tweets:

Volume of negative tweets is not noticeable, the campaign didn’t make that propaganda on Twitter, however, we’ve been able to capture some of people’s concerns around the campaign as following:

Conclusion, it’s a great initiative by Coca Cola, however it was wrongly segmented as a CSR because of the story inside the campaign. People perceive CSR activities as free of charge, even if it’s a coca cola bottle.