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Own a law firm? Use Facebook to your advantage with these simple tips

As a law firm, there’s nothing more important than building a strong client base. And when the competition is high, you need to be on the top of your game and proactive in your search for new clients. What many legal firms fail to realize, however, is the importance of social media and Facebook in particular as part of their marketing strategy.

Facebook is the most popular social media platform today. By creating a strong and positive presence on Facebook, you’re more likely to gain followers and turn those followers into genuine clients. Click here for more information about Facebook marketing for attorneys.

So, how can law firms use Facebook to their full advantage? Read on for some simple yet effective tips.

Share and upload as often as you can

There’s a lot of competition on Facebook, not just for lawyers but for all kinds of content. If you want your firm’s Facebook page to be seen and interacted with by potential and existing followers and clients, you need to share and upload regular content. Most experts recommend posting 1-2 times a day to keep your business up to date and your posts at the top of newsfeeds. Getting to grips with post scheduling and get the same posts on your other social media platforms will help you get ahead.

Boost certain posts

Use Facebook to boost certain posts that have a considerable amount of potential interactivity. Whether it’s a question, a light-hearted post, or something directly related to your legal industry, focus on boosting one or two of your posts each week to keep your content visible. You may find that your business posts don’t have the same kind of reach each time, so it’s important to target some of them to your chosen demographic specifically.

Use images

The use of images will always increase the reach and engagement of your posts. These images should be eye-catching, high quality, and they should stop scrollers in their tracks. Ensure these images come with actions – such as links to your blog or your website- that potential clients can be led directly to your services. Get to grips with taking good photos!

And finally…keep track of what’s working.

Traditional marketing methods, such as radio ads, posters, flyers, and even freebies don’t give companies like yours the relevant information to tell them whether they’re successful. When you use Facebook ads to target your audiences, thanks to the analytics on display, you’ll be able to gauge where you need to make adjustments to your marketing strategy and see in real-time how many people you’re reaching.

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