Mumm Engages Egypt’s Work Community, Spreads Gratitude

Asking employees all over Egypt to post photos of their role model colleagues at work using the hashtag #El_Mf7ot (The dedicated), the homemade food platform, Mumm, promised to give free homemade meal prizes for the most liked photo of the week.

Mumm’s recent marketing campaign aims at spreading some positive vibes of appreciation and gratitude amongst the working community in Egypt.

Mumm’s Campaign social media frenzy¬†

The campaign’s hashtag on Facebook was flooded with compassionate stories from fans about their colleagues and even their family members, striking a total engagement of 8K since its launch.

While most campaigns incite the consumer to act for their own benefit and to only think of their own gain, Mumm asked its consumers to show consideration and gratitude for those worthy of it.

We hope to see more creative initiatives and campagins like this from other brands.

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