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Good People, Kijamii partner to form ‘GP&K’ digital driven network

Good People, the region’s leading creative production house, joined forces with the region’s leading digital agency and 2019’s Independent-Agency-of-the-Year, Kijamii, to form the largest independent (digitally driven) network in the MENA region.

The newly formed network will hold the name, GP&K, and its companies will operate independently, providing their services to organizations across various sectors as well as agencies around the region.

Combining Good People’s experience in TV and Film Craft with Kijamii’s digital and social footprint, this union is set to give way to infinite possibilities in creative and production, including solutions and ideas that are empowered by the latest technology and backed by insightful consumer data, which is quickly becoming the industry’s most valuable asset.

“There is no escaping this in today’s day and age. If you want to survive you have to be digitally-minded, and if you want to be digitally-minded you have to join hands with technology. You need to be mining data and triggering technology with one hand, while writing scripts and drawing-up storyboards with the other,” says Good People’s cofounder Ali Ali.

“The industry is becoming faster, transparent, more agile, and data driven. The need for digital creative and innovative production is here to stay,” says Kijamii’s co-founder Bassem El Hady.

Good People is recognised in the industry for pioneering the first creative-led production house in the region with an exclusive roster of directors. Kijamii has succeeded in developing key competencies and capabilities that set it apart from the rest of the market such as becoming a one-stop digital shop, an international player working with the world’s leading companies, multinationals and sports clubs. These strategic relationships have catalyzed KIJAMII’s evolution into a notable global player with world-class standards and processes.

This union paves the way for independent boutique networks – such as GP&K – to step in and propel the industry forward by bringing together the highly fragmented advertising value chain and leading the way for many other companies to follow.

“With the rapid transformation in the digital space, it’s not an option but to have the best and most knowledgeable consultants, excellent & efficient production capabilities. And for that we are bringing together our digital knowledge, social creative, tech & media buying capabilities, with their superb creativity & production excellence,” adds Bassem. The GP&K network will become the largest, strongest, youngest independent group of companies in the MEA, to grow and develop local talents and to locally create advertising solutions for global markets.

“Good People and Kijami complete each other,” adds Ali. “Our digital offering was non existent, their tv and production offering needed an upgrade. More importantly our culture of the-work-comes-first was strikingly similar, and that will continue to be our DNA at GP&K.”

Good People was founded in 2016 by Ali Ali, Maged Nassar, Pierre Mouarkech and Mido Abouyoussef.

Ahmed Coucha, Bahy Abo Elezz and Bassem Elhady founded Kijamii in 2011, with their strategic  investor, Karim Bichara .The agency later joined the A15 investment portfolio in order to accelerate its growth strategies.

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