Tearful 4-Year-Old Fan Meets Van Persie

Van Persie met his loyal 4-year-old fan in response to a viral video showing how vividly distraught Louis Diamond was over the football player’s transfer from Manchester United to Fenerbahce.

Louis’s Viral Video


Fenerbahce fans launched an online campaign to raise $2,000 to cover the cost of Louis’s visit to his idol in Turkey. Club President Aziz Yildirim covered all expenses after seeing the video, inviting the Diamonds to meet van Persie and attend the season’s opening match.

Van Persie met the family at the club media center, crowning Louis with his first match outfit.

How a father used social media to make his son happy? 

Robin van Persie posted a video with Louis on Facebook. 

Robin van Persie said in the press conference, “Football without fans is nothing like how it is now, fans make this game so special, but these kids, they make football even more special.”

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