‘Stop Talking Football’: Vodafone Egypt’s Campaign for the 2018 World Cup Qualifiers

Since the last time the Pharaohs qualified for the FIFA World Cup, it’s been 28 long years. Telecommunications giant Vodafone Egypt is not happy about this and is therefore suggesting, nay strongly campaigning, for a strategy that it believes will change Egypt’s fortune. And it’s simple: Stop talking football for two months to avoid jinxing the team. We want to qualify this time.

Vodafone promotes the idea that over analysis and too much self-criticism by Egyptian people could be the reason for jinxing the team and not qualifying to the World Cup for all these years.

Vodafone’s movement announcement

بيان هام من ڤودافون

انضم لحركة #ماتقاطعشو شير الڤيديو ده و تاج صحابك اللي بيقاطعوا

Posted by Vodafone Egypt on Friday, August 18, 2017

According to the company, the pattern is clear. Every time the national football team reaches an advanced stage in the qualifiers of the most prestigious football tournament worldwide, football banter that is not only excessive but also somehow jinxes the team. And it ends up getting disqualified.

It is for this reason that Vodafone has spearheaded a campaign dubbed #ماتقاطعش “Stop Talking Football. It doesn’t get any simpler. As the line of the campaign suggests, Egyptian football fans are urged by the company to steer clear of any discussions pertaining the World Cup qualifiers for the next two months and allow the gods of football to bless the national football team with a long yearned-for victory.

After enduring the pain of disappointment for nearly three decades now, things have begun to look promising for the national team, if the group matches are anything to go by.

Vodafone’s movement comes days prior World Cup Qualifiers Third round matches, as Egypt will meet Uganda on August 31 in Kampala and September 5 in Cairo.

Egypt has maintained the lead in Group E with six points after defeating Ghana and Congo in the first two rounds. Uganda trailing in second with four points, Ghana in third with one point while Congo in fourth.

Celebrities join the movement

A number of Egyptian celebrities have joined Vodafone’s movement, storytelling jinx-stories from previous World Cup Qualifiers, encouraging Egyptians to join #ماتقاطعش movement – these celebrities are Medhat Shalaby, Ahmed Fathy, Mohamed Barakat, Ahmed Youness, Saad Samir, Bayoumi Fouad, Magdy Abdel Ghany and more.

بلاش كلام في الكورة عايزين نصعد #ماتقاطعش

بلاش كلام في الكوره!عايزين نصعد #ماتقاطعشكلم #١٠* و انضم للحركةاعمل فريقك و كل ما تشحن هتكسب اضعاف الشحنة ليك و لفريقك#ماتقاطعش

Posted by Vodafone Egypt on Sunday, August 27, 2017

Vodafone Egypt’s Campaign Social Media Frenzy

Vodafone’s movement campaign has captured the attention of Egyptian fans and social media influencers, having sparked funny conversations across various social media and 2.5 million views in the first four days, this by far more than the expected views.

Here’re few samples:

مع انى ماليش فى الكوره .. بس سيره صعود مصر لكاس العالم بتخلينى غيرانه على بلدى و نفسى افرح بيها و معاها .. ده بيخلينى اسمع لكل اللى بيتكلم و يحلل عن صعودنا لكاس العالم وكل مره فى الاخر الفرحه مكانتش بتكمل عشان كنا بنقاطع فيها… علشان كده المره دى قررت انضم لحمله @vodafoneegypt #ماتقاطعش .. ومن النهارده ولا هتكلم فى الكوره ولا هسمع لحد بيقاطع و هفضل بضحك كده و اقول يارب و بطلب من اصحابي. @emmaabdelaziz @raninelgaby @sandrakadri @dr_nourhankandil @salma.elcabarity @antikkahossam @hudaelmufti @n_abubakr انهم ميتكلموش فى الكوره عشان ربنا يكرمنا المرة دي

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نفسي لما اكبر وأرجع بالذاكرة اقول لولادي ياااااه فاكرين جول مصر في كأس عالم روسيا 2018؟ وعشان كل سنة بنقول ان هي دي السنة اللي هنقضي فيها على اسطورة جول كابتن مجدي عبد الغني انا قررت اني السنادي هبطل اتكلم في الكورة خالص وهنضم لحركة @vodafoneegypt #ماتقاطعش وقررت أبطل مقاطعة وكلام ف الكورة خالص وبطلب من @amrrady14 @marwahassan @raninelgaby @antikkahossam @emmaabdelaziz @moazyassen @ayham_beetar @ayselkhaledofficial @sandrakadri @salma.elcabarity والناس كلها ينضموا للحركة لحد ما نصعد للتصفيات ونلاقي جول تاني نفرح بيه

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In addition, other brands started showing support and leveraging Vodafone’s movement which shows the success that this movement reached so far.

Pure Spot Travel

‘Stop Talking Football’ Vodafone Egypt's Bold Campaign for the 2018 World Cup Qualifiers
Pure Spot Travel joined Vodafone Egypt’s “Stop talking football” #ماتقاطعش

Will you join the movement too?