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Sponsors hijack Egypt’s World Cup 2018 airplane branding

Egypt revealed the 2018 World Cup airplane on Tuesday sparking frenzied criticism on social media over the state-owned mobile operator’s excessive branding which dominated the paint work.

Egypt's national football team airplane branding, Sponsors hijack Egypt's World Cup 2018 airplane branding
Photo Credit: ON Sport

“These are not the colors of the Egyptian national team… I feel like this is the airplane of WE’s team,” said Osman Badran, founder of Brand Bees advertising agency in a Facebook video post that was shared over 600 times.

Badran also criticized the quality of team photos as well as their placement, noting that some key members like Goalkeeper Hadari and Coach Cooper were sidelined.

“Having a branded airplane for our national football team is something that we should all be proud of, but it has to be done right for Egypt’s image,” said Badran.

World Cup 2014 Airplanes

Most countries are yet to reveal their national team airplanes, but here is a look at some of the 2014 World Cup planes. Germany’s Lufthansa went for a simple, elegant design while changing its name temporarily to Fanhasa. Air Berlin also changed its name to Fan Force One, mimicking Air Force One, which carries the president of the United States.

Twitter shares the same opinion


Reporting by Ahmed Maher; Editing by Sara El-Khalili

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