Etisalat Digital Team Ruins The Brand in Egypt

Etisalat Digital Team Ruins The Brand in Egypt
Etisalat Digital Team Ruins The Brand in Egypt

Over 5 years of operations on social networks, Etisalat digital team in Egypt is ranked the worst in class, because of their bad quality content, tone of voice, undefined strategy and other concerns on used tactics.

Regardless the target audiences, no justification can be accepted, it’s well known that Etisalat in Egypt are targeting class C and below, but online it’s not all about marketing, it’s your brand image – Etisalat can attract their target audiences professionally without affecting their brand negatively.

Etisalat Misr

One question to Etisalat digital team, what exactly do you want to achieve? You’re one of the firsts in Egypt to be online and had great opportunities to invade the market especially online, but you have wasted all chances, you have the worst engagement rate among other operators, you comes 3rd after Vodafone & Mobinil in terms of number of fans, and you have a very bad image online.

It will be aggressive to shorthand the whole story in two posts, but these are two clear examples for wrong choices online.

Two examples of Etisalat digital team’s wrong choices:

  1. Asking a trivial question, for which brand McDonalds logo belongs!
  2. Sharing personal news about engagement relationship, which is irrelevant and too personal to be shared on a brand page

Etisalat online team posts on Facebook learnings:

  1. Respect your customers’ minds, they’re not stupid and there’s always away to be smart presenting your stuff
  2. It’s good to be social &friendly but you need to consider your brand name, always make scenarios in head before sharing new stuff.

Whatever Etisalat Online team are thinking of, please use your common sense and consider customers’ reactions before going online because it’s your brand name.