Amr Diab Starring Western Union New TVC

The international money transfer giant “Western Union” kicked off a new TV Commercial featuring the Egyptian legend Amr Diab’s success story to build a new layer of credibility, trust for their potential customers in the Middle East region.

Why Amr Diab is the Perfect Choice for Western Union?

Western Union has 3 main strategy pillars (Network, Speed, Innovation); they wanted to hit on these pillars; that’s why Amr Diab was ideal for the job. Check the following 3 points:


Amr Diab is known for innovative music; he was one of the firsts to introduce a merge of the Arabian oriental theme of music and the western style of musical beats, arrangements, and many more. He is always changing, known as the singer of all generations in Egypt and the Middle East.


Since 1983, Amr Diab has been working hard to expand his network and popularity by working with almost all the industry leaders “composers, lyricists, directors, sponsors, production companies,” and reaching more audiences everywhere on the planet, till he became the Middle East’s number one artist on social media.


Diab has a sense of moving forward when it’s time to move on.
Not only, Amr Diab is an influencer by nature, he also has the needed online exposure, Western Union misses, and that what they have done; Amr Diab first introduced the TVC on his YouTube channel, Facebook page, and other Diab’s social media channels, nothing on Western Union’s channels, they don’t even have local or regional channels.

Western Union on Social Media 

Western Union relied on Amr Diab’s strong social media presence to publicize the video! This is weird. It’s a perfect chance to engage with their potential customers!

A few days ago, Vodafone Egypt released a nostalgic TVC featuring Amr Diab. The TVC was an extension to the “Amr Diab World” SMS service presented in December 2014. In the TVC, Vodafone Egypt made the most of Amr Diab’s success over the years.

They smartly sent a brand positioning message mixed with a commercial. In a low production cost TVC, they featured Amr Diab’s cultural trends, songs; however, he didn’t show up personally in the advert.

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