AWstreams ‘You Own it’ A Creative Take on Fashion Advertising

Awstreams, one of the top digital marketing agencies in the Middle East and North Africa, has offered a new take on fashion advertising with a concept that puts street spirit in a nutshell, capturing youngsters roaming around Cairo’s streets in absolute joy complete indulgence.

You Own It

“You Own It” campaign targeting youth in the Middle East showcases individuals that are bold enough to own their very unique personalities to the extent that it makes the audience feel as if they own the streets.

The spirit is so contagious, encourages AEROPOSTALE’s customers to desire the feeling of boldness and to be wild, as seen in the video.

Shot on iPhone

AWstreams went the nine yards by shooting the commercial video using iPhone to deliver the message and serve it justice. That’s another significant aspect making this campaign reach the hearts of its audience.

Everything from location selection to equipment and art direction contributed to the campaign’s message. It worked so well together to eventually strike an honest conversation of how brands should light a fuse amongst their audience.

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