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Raghda Arafa is a passionate writer, she loves to follow up the latest fashion trends and eager to explore new places, to eventually add her own angle to any topic.
T-Pay Mobile World Congress 2016

T-Pay is Taking Part at Mobile World Congress 2016

"T-PAY participated in GSMA Mobile World Congress, from 22-28 February, held in Barcelona because T-PAY wanted to show that they are ready to for the international...
dishdino, digital boom, foodie, food, home-made foot, startup

DishDino the ultimate destination for homemade food

DishDino is an online market place that gathers all the talented and professional chefs in one place to share their exquisite healthy homemade culinary food,...
TBS Cairo, TBS Egypt, TBS Case, TBS, TBS Crisis, digital boom, om ali

TBS ‘s Om Ali Fuels Outrage on Social Media

Ever since TBS has opened, it vowed to offer the optimum ingredients, to successfully stand out as one of the top bakeries in Egypt,...

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