T-Pay is Taking Part at Mobile World Congress 2016

“T-PAY participated in GSMA Mobile World Congress, from 22-28 February, held in Barcelona because T-PAY wanted to show that they are ready to for the international market, as they saw a clear appetite of international players expanding in the region and who are interested to monetize using direct billing technology – realizing its real potential to tap into our markets and access its huge growth potential,” said Sahar Salama, CEO of T-Pay Mobile.

The congress covers the latest updates in the mobile industry around the world. T-Pay had progressed aggressively in the last year, “we grew 30 times and closed the year with 30 operators and 14 countries covered in MENA and key partners on- boarded in many digital sectors like Media and VOD, Gaming, Professional Services and Classifieds,” she said.

It is worth mentioning that T-PAY current footprint covers fully the market of Arabian countries including UAE, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Qatar, Jordan, Palestine, Bahrain, Kuwait and majority of Tunis, Algeria, Iraq and Morroco markets.

T-PAY launched back in January 2014, as the first and biggest Mobile Payment Platform in MENA powered by A15, that allows users to pay for their online digital services or goods through their mobile bill or mobile balance and without using a  credit card. It mainly gives the opportunity for all online businesses booming in the region and expanding to MENA to reach new consumers and new markets with a promise of 5—10 times higher conversion rates for paying users compared to all other online payment methods.

To use T-Pay from inside apps, consumers are not required to enter their Personal Identification Number (PIN) for every transaction, only use a one-time registration process by your mobile number to pay for digital goods or services. The transaction will then be added to your monthly mobile telephone bill if you have a post-paid number, or will be deducted from your existing account if you have a pre-paid number. T-PAY supports payment flow for web sites, portals on one time and subscription basis

Considering T-Pay’s next step, she said, “T-Pay has aggressive expansion plans in 2016 on operators’ side in new countries with many exciting launches on merchants’ side.”

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