Inertia Egypt Reveals New Tagline ‘Remember to Live’

Inertia Egypt launched a campaign to reveal their new catchy tagline: remember to live. The campaign featured numerous videos across various social media platforms, including Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube.

Inertia’s marketing campaign is the epitome of good targeting. If you haven’t watched their videos across YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram then you probably should. The videos are masterpieces representing good production quality in their own right. However, they are even more beautiful if you consider how effectively they deliver their message.

Take YouTube, for example. There are 11 short videos, each lasting between 6 and 7 seconds and focusing on one aspect of life that a particular demographic might enjoy. One video asks what you love to do then suggests it might have something to do with being on the road and dominating the tarmac. Another one suggests that you might love to travel.

Remember to Live Campaign Teasers

All of these videos look at different things you might be interested in and collectively challenge you to do these things while you still have time. They remind you to ‘remember to live’. The grand finale is the final video which lasts approximately two and a half minutes. It follows the life of a busy businessman who, in focusing on his career, forgets to give his family time, making them feel abandoned. He finally decides to stay home one day and spend time with his family. The movie goes on to show how he frequently takes time to spend with his family well into his old age and how this strengthens the bond between him and his wife.

Remember to Live Campaign Revealer

These short videos and Inertia’s overall marketing campaign capture the spirit of what Inertia is trying to do in the world of real estate. As a real estate brand, Inertia isn’t just trying to sell houses; it is selling dreams, lifestyles and goals. It is giving its clients the ability to take a moment to enjoy the little things in life. It is telling them to remember to live. As a result, Inertia has sent shockwaves through the world of real estate, changing the landscape of the industry and delivering products that put it far ahead of its competitors. With this new marketing campaign, it looks poised to soar into new heights.