DHL Express, Mo Salah team up for ‘The Human Network’

DHL Express, Mo Salah team up for 'The Human Network'
Mohamed Salah, DHL Express

Mo Salah broke the silence by posting a commercial ad with the leading global brand in the logistics industry, DHL Express.

Salah has come with an answer to all the questions about his disappearance. Reconnecting with his fans, thanking those who sent him lovely artistic gifts delivered to him by DHL Express.

He highlighted that his disappearance comes to support a social cause established by DHL Express. Aiming to raise awareness of the importance of human social interaction and connectivity.

As a result, the revealer video went viral online in no time. The video features the gifts delivered to Salah by DHL Express from his fans who portrayed how much they value and love him.

In return, Salah sent each of those fans a memorable picture of him with their gifts, and a signed souvenir as a gesture of appreciation. Which lets them know how he is close to them and that they can reach him not only on social media but also through mail.

It comes as a part of DHL Express’ innovative campaign that is launched in celebration of the company’s 50-year anniversary. Which allows 50 lucky fans to deliver their gifts to Salah himself through the company’s website

Nour Suliman, CEO DHL Express MENA commented:

“With this partnership we aim to inspire people to build stronger human connections. DHL’s strength lies in our network that connects people; it is through this network that we grow with quality.”

“Mohamed Salah has the ability to bring people together. No matter where they are, they bond through their love of the game and the player that represents it. This is the message we aim to spread, by taking a moment in today’s technology led world to reach out to one another, we unequivocally improve our lives.”

DHL Express’ “The Human Network” campaign aimed at sending a worldwide message. Showing another way of getting in touch and connecting in real life with our friends and beloved ones and even our idols no matter the distance.