The Creative Industry Summit Kicked Off Today

Cairo – April 10th , 2017 – The fourth edition of the two-day Creative Industry Summit kicked off today with the participation of a wide range of experts and specialists across all creative fields, including marketing, communication, and design. It also focuses on the promising gaming industry, which has surpassed the traditional means of entertainment as one of the fastest growing investment and creative fields globally.

The Summit will explore the creative industry’s developments on a regional and global scale, with a focus on millennial creativity and content, which are rapidly growing and evolving over time.

Behance, a platform for creative thinking, supports innovative creative ideas through awards in five creative areas, which can be applied for through the website to undergo review by a range of professionals who enjoy extensive expertise. Winners will be announced at the end of the Summit.

Mai Salama, Co-founder of Creative Industry Summit, said “The Summit represents a unique opportunity for those looking to explore creative ideas that can help inspire them to achieve greater success in their diverse creative disciplines.”

Amr Ashraf, Co-founder of Creative Industry Summit, stated, “We are very pleased with the great turnout and participation on the Summit’s first day, which reflects the extent of the effort exerted in making this summit happen.”

Heba El Afifi, Head of Communications at Nestle Near will speak at the Summit about the impact of ads and their value and role in delivering a strong message to the public in in any shape or form. Additionally, Sailesh Jani, Global Business Director of McCaNN London, will be showcasing The Survival Billboard, the Cannes winning adverts for Microsoft X-Box, as a model for innovative gaming ads.

Dr. Maya Morsy, President of the National Council for Women, will announce a new phase of the “Taa Marbouta” campaign, through which it will be launched globally as a gift from the women of Egypt to the women of the world. The Summit is also cooperating with Dr. Hesham Soliman, author of “Hadath Bel Fe3l”, the proceeds from which will be donated to Ahl Misr Charity.

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