McDonald’s Egypt Misspellings Spark Viral Campaign

McDonald's Egypt Misspellings, mcdonald's Egypt Ezbet Khairallah, McDonald's Misspellings Spark Viral Campaign
Source: Twitter

Egyptians mocked McDonald’s on social media platforms over misspelled Arabic words seen on donation boxes for Ezbet Khairallah’s education development project.

The fast food giant made those intentional spelling mistakes to spark interest and raise awareness about the cause.

Launched two weeks ago, the CSR campaign failed to attract attention at first. The Arabic misspellings helped McDonald’s grab people’s attention, provoking them to interact with the brand online and post sarcastic comments about the irony of misspelling words in a campaign raising money for education.

McDonald’s Misspellings Explained

McDonald’s consistently replied to people’s mockery with the following message, “Disturbed by the spelling mistakes? You have the right to, but not all people have the same chance in education. Watch the video to know more.”

Ezbet Khairallah Project

McDonald’s joined forces with Kheir Wa Barka NGO to renovate Egyptian public schools and nurseries, donating a percentage of its Happy Meal sales for the massive CSR project.


  • Client: McDonald’s Egypt
  • Creative agency: FP7/CAI
  • Digital agency: Digital Republic