Gemini Enterprises Africa and RiseUp LLC join forces for Pyramids Plateau until 2022

Gemini Enterprises Africa, part of Orascom Group, and RiseUp LLC, the MENA region’s connector of startups to local and global resources, on Saturday signed a three-year partnership that will make the Pyramids Plateau the official venue for the annual RiseUp Summit and Pitch by the Pyramids competition until December 2022.

The partnership was announced during the first Pitch by the Pyramids competition, RiseUp’s latest flagship program, by both Engineer Adly Thoma, CEO of Gemini Enterprises Africa, acting on behalf of Engineer Naguib Sawiris, Executive Chairman of Orascom Investment Holding, and Abdelhameed Sharara, Cofounder and CEO of RiseUp.

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Through this agreement, both parties seek to empower the entrepreneurial and startup ecosystem, and ensure a sustainable future by tapping into the local talent and innovation of young people.

Witnessing the signing ceremony, Minister of Investment and International Cooperation H.E. Dr. Sahar Nasr said: “I am proud of RiseUp’s selection of the location. We are standing next to the Pyramids which are the symbol of innovation and civilization. This is an excellent platform where we have seen a lot of young people, international institutions, the private sector and investment banks gathered. It is the platform to put together the right ecosystem to ensure our young entrepreneurs get the right enabling environment and the right support for them to grow, because they are the future, and they will remain the main contributor to our sustainable growth.”

The partnership also stipulates that RiseUp and Gemini Enterprises Africa shall co-develop innovation hubs on the premises and other Orascom-owned holdings, while the former gains exclusivity for any entrepreneurial events in the area.

Engineer Naguib Sawiris, Executive Chairman of Orascom Investment Holding, declared: “I’m pleased to announce the strategic partnership between Gemini Enterprises Africa and RiseUp to migrate the summit and all its activities to the Pyramids Plateau. We will work together to position the Pyramids venue as the Hub where history meets the future and the place that culture merges with technology and entrepreneurship. We are sure that this partnership will create a generation that will leave a legacy like our pharaonic ancestors did.”

Engineer Adly Thoma, CEO of Gemini Enterprises Africa, mentioned: “This strategic partnership is not only to change the location of the Summit, but rather to create a new platform that guides our youth to innovation inspired by our ancestors, the Pharaos, the first entrepreneurs in history. We are proud to team up with RiseUp.”

Abdelhameed Sharara, Cofounder and CEO of RiseUp said: “This partnership truly brings us closer to our vision, as we build bridges to connect entrepreneurs to the most relevant resources in Egypt and the region as a whole. It is a great pleasure to be standing here today and have the support of such an esteemed organization.”

Joining forces between Gemini Enterprises Africa and RiseUp paves the road for a fruitful partnership as both entities are positioned to be integral players in shaping the life of our population to reach a brighter future.

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