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Managing crisis on social media in three simple steps

It takes one person to ruin your brand and a crisis management team to regain it! As smartphone users jump to an estimated 2 billion...
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YouGov: top 10 best perceived brands by women in Egypt

YouGov’s Brandindex yearly rankings of the best perceived brands by women in Egypt has been topped by Facebook. This year’s ranking of the best perceived...
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Vodafone Egypt Brings Generations Together, Unlocks 4G Power

With Egypt’s popular celebrities passing on experience to their rising younger peers, Vodafone Egypt has launched its 4G service today showing how power can...
ocean blue hotel, sahel, egypt, north coast

Ocean Blue, A Brand Attack Gone Wrong?

As a social media instructor, one of things that always grab my attention is brand attacks. Analysis and learnings from a brand attack is...

What makes branded content go viral?

Producing content that goes viral and creates waves of buzz on social media is every marketer’s dream. Everyday countless blog posts, infographics, videos, memes...
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Etisalat and Mobinil Visuals Issue on Social Media

In the age of social media and online branding, brands should treat the online communities with extra care and professionalism. Today, we've picked this example...
Yasmin Abd Elaziz social media presence

Yasmin Abd Elaziz is officially on social media

The famous Egyptian comedian actor Yasmin Abd Elaziz has finally decided to be on social networks

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