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Vodafone Spooks Egyptians With Viral Flex Super Powers Campaign

Vodafone Spooks Egyptians With Viral Flex Super Powers Campaign

Vodafone Egypt took advantage of the Halloween celebrations in Egypt to create more exposure for Flex tariff – They came up with a creative...
director of marketing in Egypt, Ahmad Yousry Vodafone Group, Uber Egypt marketing director, Ahmad Yousry Joins Uber, Ahmad Yousry Uber Egypt, Ahmad Yousry Joins Uber Egypt from Vodafone

Vodafone’s Ahmad Yousry buckles up for Uber Egypt

The global ridesharing app, Uber, appointed Vodafone Group's regional head of customer value management as its new director of marketing in Egypt. With over a...
most positively talked about brands among Egypt millennials

YouGov: 10 most positively talked about brands among Egypt millennials

Facebook is the most positively talked about brand among millennials in Egypt, ahead of Pepsi and the National Bank of Egypt according to brand...
Vodafone New Brand Identity, the future is exciting, ready?, Vodafone Unveils New Brand Positioning As It Moves On From 'Power To You'

Vodafone Unveils New Brand Identity As It Moves On From ‘Power To You’

Vodafone revolutionized its brand positioning strapline, strategy, and visual identity globally. These were the first changes to a renowned brand since the "Power to...
Vodafone, Pepsi Celebrate Egypt's Qualification to the 2018 World Cup, amr diab song for Egypt

Vodafone, Pepsi Celebrate Egypt’s Qualification to the 2018 World Cup

With a celebration song by the super star Amr Diab, Vodafone and Pepsi celebrated Egypt's qualification to the 2018 World Cup. See also: Most Popular World...
vodafone egypt social media, ‘Stop Talking Football’ Vodafone Egypt's Bold Campaign for the 2018 World Cup Qualifiers

‘Stop Talking Football’: Vodafone Egypt’s Campaign for the 2018 World Cup Qualifiers

Since the last time the Pharaohs qualified for the FIFA World Cup, it's been 28 long years. Telecommunications giant Vodafone Egypt is not happy...
Vodafone Smart Turbo 7 Specs, Vodafone Egypt's first branded 4G handset.

What’s in the EGP1,299 Vodafone Smart Turbo 7?

Vodafone Egypt has launched "Vodafone Smart Turbo 7" the newest phone in the telecommunications giant’s line up to the Egyptian market, to enable youth...
vodafone egypt social media, Maha Nagy, Maha Nagy Joins Orange Egypt, Maha Nagy Leaves Vodafone, Maha Nagy Orange, Maha Nagy Vodafone Egypt, Maha Nagy, The mastermind behind the popular 2015 Genie TVC series, vodafone red adverts, vodafone social media, orange social media, egypt

Vodafone Egypt’s ex-marketing guru joins Orange

Leaving behind a three-year marketing legacy at Vodafone Egypt. Maha Nagy is pursuing a new career challenge at Orange Egypt as Chief Communication Officer...
Watch Vodafone Egypt's Ramadan 2017 Campaign 'First Time Joy', Vodafone Ramadan 2017: First time joyvideo

Watch Vodafone Egypt’s Ramadan 2017 Campaign ‘First Time Joy’

Vodafone Egypt launched its Ramadan campaign with the theme of "first time joy" is power “فرحة_أول_مرة”. The telecom giant portrays how people get empowered by seeing their...
Vodafone launches its Ramadan campaign 'The Big Family'

Vodafone launches its Ramadan campaign ‘The Big Family’

Vodafone Egypt has launched its Ramadan TVC "The Big Family". Portraying how people get empowered by their beloved ones not only their families. Vodafone featured a...

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