Dolce 2015, Thank You Jumana

Dolce kicked-off summer 2015 activations with a TVC hitting on the corporate life drama. The new product which called Dolce Mistecca “Gum”, was first proposed by a male employee and every time he talks to his manager, the manager refuses without even discussing or justifying the rejection. The manager appears in another scene, asking employees to fight for their ideas and never give up!
A young woman who joined the brainstorming meeting to come up with summer new products’ ideas, Jumana, proposed the same idea “Mistecca”. Without discussing the pros and cons, the manager accepted the idea, describing it as “Brilliant”. The commercial ends with “Thank you Jumana”.
Dolce Mesticca
We think that Dolce new campaign will generate a decent buzz online. Let’s see how Dolce will link both the funny TVC with social media activities in the coming few days.

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