A funny campaign against favoritism ‘Ebn El Wazeer Khad Meny El Mic’ goes viral in Egypt

Over the last week a new kind of viral campaigns called “Ebn El Wazeer Khad Meny El Mic” has spread like a wildfire among specific social circles on Facebook and Instagram. The campaign is enjoying a prominent buzz and engagement among such social circles of whom we can call a major segment of the digital elite in Egypt.

Majority of the niche segment are participating and sharing their own version of “Ebn El Wazeer Khad Meny El Mic” video from savvy digital executives, entrepreneurs, sports figures, famous social media celebrities to pets !! (Yes, there is an English bulldog version of “Ebn El Wazeer Khad Meny El Mic” video).

The virally looping campaign has around 65 different video versions which are increasing daily all of them are fighting the idea of favoritism; allow us to share with you the interesting yet funny story behind this beautifully architected viral campaign.

The story:

During last weekend’s Trifactory Triathlon at Sahl Hasheesh, Mohamed Nagaty the well-known socialite, Food & Beverage and sharing economy entrepreneur was the designated host of the event and microphone controller.

Nagaty was doing a great job in hosting the event as shown in the video while he was welcoming and interviewing Ayman Hakky the founder and managing director of Trifactory. Moments later, Nagaty went to pray the Friday prayer so a guy-the so called Ebn El Wazeer- took the mic and started commenting. When Nagaty came back, the guy refused to give him back the mic. Check the following post

Although the audience was calling Nagaty to be the commentator, but; “Ebn El Wazeer” fell in love with playing the host’s role and refused to give the mic back as shown in this post-Maybe “Ebn El Wazeer’s” crush was in the race or something. Only god knows the deeds.

In response to “Ebn El Wazeer” actions; Nagaty told him I will respond to your act through social media and he launched his campaign against favoritism.

This is the moment when hyper virality took place; all the campaign participants and supporters who made their own version of the video loved Nagaty’s song and spontaneity; in response to his post; they created an endless number of videos using their creativity and Egyptian humor in support of Nagaty’s cause and against favoritism.

Here are the best-learnt viral lessons from “Ebn El Wazeer Khad Meny El Mic Campaign” as it has shown a great skill and talent in capitalizing on the power of social media:

Lesson 1: Befriend cute babies and families

When you are good friends with cute babies and lovely families ; you can do a perfectly viral campaign. Watch the video

Lesson 2: Be spontaneous and make your words musical

Egyptians love humor and rhythm; so it is critical for the success of your viral video to be spontaneous, comfortable in your own skin and use musical words. Maybe you will be the only Egyptian to have an oriental and rap versions of the same song as “Ebn El Wazeer Khad Meni El Mic”Case.

Lesson 3: Warning, Guard dog on duty

We all know that the internet loves animals, but; when a cute English bulldog makes a viral video to support your campaign; this adorable wrinkly face will bring endless love and shares to your campaign.

Lesson 4: Great content is the way to entrepreneurs’ hearts

Entrepreneurs and digital executives have a strong influence on social media, as they are trends early adopters and thought leaders in their social circles, thus; it is key to win their hearts and minds; great and creative content is the easiest way to do so.

Lesson 5: Think Big, Get Big

If you can achieve most of the previously mentioned virality factors, your campaign will grab the attention of the biggest social media influencers in Egypt as Tameem Youness and Marwan Younis. Now you have made it to the top of the league and you can crown yourself as a viral campaign high rank general.

Lesson 6: Know who you are dealing with- do not offend the wrong person

In today’s digital, open and connected world, it is wiser not to offend the wrong person, in order not to; have the same destiny of the so-called “Ebn El Wazeer”.

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