Egyptian celebrities who joined Twitter in 2016

As the year draws to an end, Twitter compiled a list of the Egyptian celebrities who joined the platform this year. From film and TV to music and sports figures, below are several prominent personalities who joined across all sectors, including footballer Ramadan Sobhi with 200K followers, ranked by highest number of following in their respective field.


Ahmed Elsaka: @ElSaka, Egypt’s top con man and one of the toughest portrayed actors in the country, Ahmed Elsaka (@elsaka):

Youssra: @Youssra, UNDP Goodwill Ambassador, known for her part in Saraya Abdeen

Mahmoud Abdel Aziz: @Mahmoud, Blind “Sheikh Hosny” driving a motorcycle in El Keif

Mahmoud Al Bezzawy: @albezzawy, writer of television series, Al Adham

Bayoumi Fouad: @fouad_bayoumi, actor in latest film, El Qerd Beyetkalem

Sabrien: @sabrien, actress from series Afrah El Obah

Dina El Sherbiny: @DinaSherbiny, Egypt’s top villain in Ramadan’s show, Grand Hotel

Mohamed Shahin: @MohamedShahin, actor in Cairo Time


Ramadan Sobhi: @RamadanSobhi, Egyptian football player for Stoke City FC

Saad Samir: @SSamir, defender for Egypt’s Al Ahly SC

Mo’men Zakaria: @MoamenZakaria, football player for Egypt’s Al Ahly SC

Essam el Hadary: @ElHadary, Egyptian national team goalkeeper

Mohamed Ehab: @MohamedEhab, Egyptian weightlifter


Egypt’s famous belly dancer and socialite, Fifi Abdou (@fifiabduoffcial) brought humor to the platform:

And the below entertainment figures who also joined:

Hossam Habib: @HossamHabib, singer with recently released song ‘Aala Sot’

Ruby: @TheRubyEGY, singer and actress in latest film, Al Hafla

And that’s a wrap!

Twitter conversation is at the center of what’s happening in entertainment, sports and politics worldwide. Fans in Egypt now have the opportunity to connect in real-time with one another and with their favorite celebrities, without any boundaries. So don’t miss out on the conversation, and Tweet at some of your favorites!

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